Bettman doubtful about NHL players in Pyeongchang

/ Mar 25, 2017

Bettman doubtful about NHL players in Pyeongchang

The International Olympic Committee and hockey’s governing body will have to make concessions before the NHL sends the world’s best players to the Winter Games in South Korea next year, commissioner Gary Bettman said on Friday. “As things stand today, you should assume we’re ...

/ Mar 10, 2016

NHL clears Kane of rape allegation

The NHL ruled that an offseason rape allegation made against Patrick Kane was unfounded in determining that the Chicago Blackhawks star forward will not face any league disciplinary action. The decision was announced on Wednesday, when the league issued a one-paragraph statement announcing it ...

/ Sep 29, 2015

NHL expansion bids inching closer

Las Vegas and Quebec City are moving closer in their bids to land a NHL franchise. A Bill Foley-led group and Montreal-based communications giant Quebecor are in the third and final stage of a process to potentially bring the world’s top hockey league to ...

/ Jun 25, 2015

NHL begins exploring expansion

The NHL is officially exploring expansion. The league is opening a formal expansion review process to consider adding new franchises to its 30-team league, Commissioner Gary Bettman announced Wednesday. Las Vegas, Seattle and Quebec City are the markets that have expressed the most serious ...

Next NHL expansion may cost $500 million

/ Apr 25, 2015

Next NHL expansion may cost $500 million

NHL NHL commissioner Gary Bettman might not yet have anything definitive to say about expansion, though he does have a fee in mind. How’s $500 million sound? Without committing to what the price might be, Bettman told a meeting of Associated Press Sports Editors ...

/ Oct 11, 2014

Pronger takes up NHL safety role

Former All-Star defenseman Chris Pronger has joined the National Hockey League’s department of player safety. NHL senior vice president for player safety Stephane Quintal made the announcement Friday. Pronger hasn’t technically retired. The former NHL MVP is still being paid by the Philadelphia Flyers ...

NHL says expansion still in discussion stage

/ Aug 28, 2014

NHL says expansion still in discussion stage

The NHL insists expansion is not imminent. “Nothing has happened to change the status quo,” NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said in a telephone interview Wednesday with AP. “There continues to be interest from some markets, and we continue to be interested in discussing ...

Bettman mulls NHL fighting debate

/ Nov 12, 2013

Bettman mulls NHL fighting debate

When Gary Bettman approached Ray Emery during the Chicago Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup celebration at the White House, many wondered what would happen. The Philadelphia Flyers goaltender had drawn leaguewide attention a few days earlier for skating the length of the ice to fight an ...