Ninja promote 'cool' vending machines

Feb 19, 2015

Ninja promote 'cool' vending machines

by Shusuke Murai

To lure foreign tourists, especially Chinese arriving in large numbers for the Lunar New Year holiday, JR East is promoting Japan’s cutting-edge vending machine technology at JR Akihabara Station in Tokyo, with staff dressed in ninja and kimono outfits. JR East Water Business Co. ...

Department stores beef up Chinese service before Year of the Sheep

Feb 16, 2015

Department stores beef up Chinese service before Year of the Sheep

Major department stores are beefing up their service for Chinese customers ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday season starting Wednesday, bidding for big-spending tourists to offset the slump in domestic spending. The Year of the Sheep begins on Thursday, and Chinese visitors are ...

Two killed in Nicaragua canal protests

Dec 25, 2014

Two killed in Nicaragua canal protests

A police crackdown on hundreds of Nicaraguan farmers protesting the construction of a $50 billion canal across their land left two dead Wednesday, an activist and opposition leader reported. Police action against protesters began on Tuesday and intensified Wednesday near land to be expropriated ...

Dec 9, 2014

Chinese man arrested for illegal access to NTT server

Tokyo police have arrested a Chinese man on suspicion of illegally accessing a server operated by NTT Communications Corp.’s Internet service provider OCN, it was learned Tuesday. The 32-year-old company employee, Geng Qiang, who lives in Tokyo, has admitted to the charge, informed sources ...

Nov 18, 2014

FBI probes State Department hacking tied to White House breach

The FBI is investigating a hacking attack that forced the U.S. State Department to disable part of its email system and may be linked to a previously disclosed intrusion of the White House network. The FBI on Monday said it opened investigations into the ...

| Oct 26, 2014

The world still needs to learn Japanese

For the attention of the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren): I have previously addressed Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in this forum about the necessity for Japan to internationalize further, especially by developing English skills. However, at the same time, I believe the world also needs ...