Jun 2, 2016

Honda to set up AI research base in Tokyo

Honda Motor Co. said Thursday that subsidiary Honda R&D Co. plans to establish a research and development base specializing in artificial intelligence in the Akasaka district of Tokyo in September. The major automaker will consolidate almost all of its AI-related R&D activities in the ...

Google echoes Amazon's Echo, opens new virtual-reality door

May 19, 2016

Google echoes Amazon's Echo, opens new virtual-reality door

Google wants to play an even bigger role in managing people’s daily lives, while also nudging them into an alternate reality, as the Internet company responds to competitive threats posed by Facebook, Amazon and Apple. As part of an onslaught of upcoming products, Google ...

May 10, 2016

Japan moves to protect 'copyrights' of AI creations

The Japanese government plans to develop a legal framework to protect copyright on novels, music and other works created by artificial intelligence. The government’s intellectual property task force led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made the decision during a meeting Monday as the group ...

Apr 15, 2016

Japan to propose basic rules for AI research at G-7 meeting

The government plans to propose basic rules for the research and development of artificial intelligence at a Group of Seven meeting of ministers in charge of information and communication technology later this month, sources said Friday. The envisioned proposal is expected to seek the ...

Human go champ says machine not superior despite 1:4 defeat

Mar 15, 2016

Human go champ says machine not superior despite 1:4 defeat

Game not over? Human Go champion Lee Sedol says Google’s go-playing program AlphaGo is not yet superior to humans, despite its 4:1 victory in a match that ended Tuesday. The weeklong showdown between the South Korean Go grandmaster and Google DeepMind’s artificial intelligence program ...

Mar 15, 2016

Google's AlphaGo gets 'divine' go ranking

Google’s artificial intelligence program AlphaGo has been awarded the highest go grandmaster rank, reserved for those whose ability at the ancient board game borders on “divinity,” South Korea’s Go Association said Tuesday. The association announced the award before the final game of AlphaGo’s five-match ...