Poor politics led to Scot vote

Sep 16, 2014

Poor politics led to Scot vote

by Kevin Rafferty

The very fact that a referendum is being held at all on Scottish independence is an indictment of the quality of British politicians going back particularly to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who triggered Scots' simmering resentment against Westminster with her infamous poll tax.

Aug 19, 2014

U.K. should stay in EU until they beg it to leave

by Clive Crook

The European Union moves under a seemingly irresistible momentum to strengthen its institutions even as it fails to integrate in ways that a well-run single-currency area needs. The best course for Britain is to continue as an EU member for the economic benefits until ...

China roused by the 'rich scent' of BBC's 'Sherlock'

Jan 19, 2014

China roused by the 'rich scent' of BBC's 'Sherlock'

Zhou Yeling dragged herself out of bed at 5 a.m. for a long-awaited date with her favorite Englishman — Sherlock Holmes. Zhou, 19, watched the third season premiere of the BBC’s “Sherlock” on Jan. 2 on the British broadcaster’s website. Two hours later, the ...

Dec 17, 2013

Is a U.K. breakup in sight?

by Hugh Cortazz

The white paper that the Scottish government has produced in favor of independence is long on aspirations and short on detailed responses to the problems that an independent Scotland would face.