Mar 20, 2015

Aum's crimes still raise questions

Twenty years on, people are still trying to fathom why so many people — including youths from elite backgrounds — were drawn to a doomsday cult that carried out a deadly sarin gas attack in downtown Tokyo.

Asahara daughter speaks out on '95 sarin attack

Mar 19, 2015

Asahara daughter speaks out on '95 sarin attack

The fourth daughter of Aum Shinrikyo founder Shoko Asahara recently expressed regret over the sarin nerve gas attack the doomsday cult carried out on the Tokyo subway system on March 20, 1995. The gassing 20 years ago killed 13 people and left more than ...

Jan 12, 2015

Victims of Tokyo sarin attack recall that day of horror

Friday’s planned start of another Aum Shinrikyo trial will cast renewed attention on the legacy of the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway nearly 20 years ago. Victims have been speaking in recent interviews about the impact the attack had on their lives ...

Former Aum member denies being bomber

May 30, 2014

Former Aum member denies being bomber


Former Aum Shinrikyo fugitive Naoko Kikuchi said Friday she had no idea that cult superiors had roped her into a plot to build and send a parcel bomb to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government headquarters in 1995. Kikuchi, 42, is pleading not guilty to charges ...