Sep 25, 2016

Trump's potential guest at first debate: Gennifer Flowers

Donald Trump has threatened to invite Gennifer Flowers, who had an affair with Hillary Clinton’s husband, to attend Monday night’s presidential debate. Trump suggested on Twitter that he might invite Flowers, an entertainer whose claims of an affair with Bill Clinton imperiled his 1992 ...

Aug 22, 2016

Bill Clinton at 70: America's 'first gentleman'?

Former President Bill Clinton celebrated his 70th birthday Friday, poised to make history as America’s inaugural “first gentleman” should his wife win the election and propel the couple back into the White House, roles reversed. It remains unclear what role or what influence Clinton, ...

| Aug 3, 2016

Where's the money?


Hillary Clinton’s long march to the U.S. presidency continues unabated, and many voters are so scared of the idea of President Donald Trump, they’d vote for Clinton even if she sprouted fangs and hissed like a cobra. But anyone who’s all comfy with the ...