Feb 20, 2015

Japanese support for the AEC

Japan should throw its support behind the regional plan to establish the ASEAN Economic Community by yearend, thus creating a single market and production base of more than 600 million people.

Jan 29, 2015

ASEAN ministers condemn Islamic State actions in hostage crisis

Foreign ministers from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations condemned the violence perpetrated by militants in Iraq and Syria, including the seizure of two Japanese hostages and the apparent execution of one of them. “We denounce all unlawful acts of destruction, violence and terror ...

Dec 18, 2014

Japan, three ASEAN nations to survey Strait of Malacca

Japan and three Southeast Asian nations will jointly survey the Strait of Malacca for hazards to shipping next year. Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore will map five priority locations in the congested channel, Japanese officials said. Japanese shipping companies will provide funds and technical personnel. ...

Nov 21, 2014

ASEAN needs a united front

ASEAN members should cast aside their differences and take a strong stance toward China on the issue of regional maritime security.

Japan, ASEAN hold regional security talks in Myanmar

Nov 20, 2014

Japan, ASEAN hold regional security talks in Myanmar

Defense Minister Akinori Eto on Wednesday discussed cooperation in maritime security, humanitarian aid and disaster relief with Southeast Asian counterparts at a meeting in Myanmar. The gathering in Bagan, central Myanmar, was the first of its kind to boost security ties between Tokyo and ...

Nov 19, 2014

Eto to visit Myanmar to join first talks with ASEAN defense ministers

Defense Minister Akinori Eto will meet his ASEAN counterparts in Myanmar for the first gathering of its kind between Tokyo and the 10-nation bloc, the Defense Ministry said Tuesday. During the meeting on Wednesday, Eto will likely discuss cooperation in maritime security, humanitarian aid ...

Japan, South Korea propose three-way summit with China

Nov 14, 2014

Japan, South Korea propose three-way summit with China

Japanese and South Korean leaders have proposed holding a trilateral summit with their Chinese counterpart for the first time since 2012, their deputies said. Disputes over regional history and territory soured bilateral ties between Japan and China, and Japan and South Korea, have been ...

Nov 13, 2014

Japan offers Myanmar ¥25.8 billion loan for development projects

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has offered Myanmar a ¥25.8 billion loan to aid development and called for a settlement of conflicts with ethnic minority rebels in the Southeast Asian country, government officials said. Abe made the offer Wednesday in a meeting with Myanmar President ...