Lawson to promote Takemasu to president, COO positions


Major convenience store operator Lawson Inc. will promote Senior Executive Vice President Sadanobu Takemasu to president and chief operating officer effective June 1.

Current President Genichi Tamatsuka will become chairman and chief executive officer with the right to represent the company, it said Monday.

The appointments, along with the newly created COO post, resulted from a decision by the company to strengthen its management system.

Tamatsuka, 46, will manage Lawson’s convenience store chains in Japan, while Takemasu will be in charge of overseas business as well as other domestic operations, including the Seijo Ishii high-end supermarket chain.

“He has strong bargaining skills and leadership abilities,” Tamatsuka stressed at a news conference, explaining why Takemasu was chosen as president.

Noting that Takemasu formerly worked for major Japanese trading house Mitsubishi Corp., the largest shareholder in Lawson, Tamatsuka said he is keen to reinforce ties with the trader in raw material procurement and logistics.

“In cooperation with Mitsubishi, we’ll strengthen overseas operations, such as in China, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia,” Takemasu said at the same news conference.

Takemasu graduated from Osaka University and joined Mitsubishi in 1993. He became senior executive vice president of Lawson in May 2014.