Number of visitors to Japan rose 36% in February


The estimated number of visitors to Japan in February increased by 36.4 percent from a year earlier to 1,891,400, marking the second-highest monthly total ever, the Japan National Tourism Organization said Wednesday.

The figure was second only to the 1,918,400 recorded in July 2015.

The growth was helped by the yen’s depreciation and falls in fuel prices, which has reduced the price of airfares while boosting the number of flights to Japan, the organization said.

In addition, the number of visitors from mainland China and Taiwan remained firm during Lunar New Year holidays.

With little sign of demand for travel to Japan weakening, despite an economic slowdown in China, the cumulative total of foreign visitors to Japan in January and February rose 43.7 percent year on year to 3,743,200.

By region, visitors from mainland China accounted for the largest share of the total in February, growing 38.9 percent to 498,900. South Korea came second with 490,800 visitors, up 52.6 percent, followed by Taiwan, with 349,000 visitors, up 25.7 percent.

Visitor numbers also increased from Hong Kong, the United States, Thailand and Australia.