McDonald’s Japan to raise regular worker pay by 2%


McDonald’s Holdings Co. (Japan) will raise the basic salary for regular workers by an average 2 percent from April, company officials said Thursday.

It will be the second year in a row that the fast-food operator has raised the basic salary.

Against the backdrop of a serious labor shortage in the restaurant industry, the company aims to ensure its competitiveness in acquiring personnel, the officials said.

McDonald’s Japan has already introduced a pay system focused on the individual performance of about 2,500 regular workers.

In the coming pay revision, the basic salary will rise for some 80 percent of them, but will remain unchanged or will fall for the rest.

The Japanese arm of the fast-food giant logged a group net loss of ¥34.9 billion in the business year that ended in December, partly due to the discovery of foreign objects in some products.

But the company decided to raise pay to retain outstanding staff and boost employee morale, the officials said.

  • Charles

    Wow, McDonald’s, so generous of you!

    Raise pay by 2%–but only for regular workers! Now, McDonald’s Japan, what percentage of your workers are regular, again?

    So those people at my local McDonald’s in Fukushima making 690 yen per hour (I know how much they make because it’s posted in the recruitment ads in the McDonald’s), are they “regular?” I doubt it. I think they’re considered “part-time” (even if they work 40+ hours per week). So they will continue to make 690 yen per hour or something close to that. That’s $6.10 an hour, which is disgraceful in a developed country.

  • GBR48

    Adding just 2% to the pay of some of the lowest paid of workers is shameful and pathetic.

    Low pay is a grotesque abuse of the human spirit. These people give as many hours of their lives as those further up the pay scale, and deserve at least a decent, living wage. 2% may make a difference to the content of a pay packet for an executive. Raise the lowest salaries by at least 50% if not doubling them and stop treating human beings like indentured slaves.

    The minimum wage in all our so-called 1st world nations is an insult to those being paid it.