Tokyo police chief seeks public’s cooperation for G-7 summit


Tokyo Police Chief Kiyotaka Takahashi is calling for cooperation from citizens and organizations to ensure the success of this year’s Group of Seven summit in Shima, Mie Prefecture.

“Success will not be possible without a sense of unity among police, people and related organizations,” Takahashi, superintendent-general of the Metropolitan Police Department, said in a recent interview.

The MPD’s role in security for the May summit is to support the Mie Prefectural Police, he said, noting that planned measures include sending riot police, security police, police cars and a squad formed to capture suspicious drones.

Takahashi also stressed the importance of maintaining security in the capital.

“Tokyo is the most likely target” during the summit because terrorists attack places where they will cause significant damage, he said.

He also called for managers of restaurants, theaters and other soft targets to strengthen their own security measures.

Takahashi urged people to raise their safety awareness and to report anything suspicious to the police. He said he hopes to build a counterterrorism network that will involve a greater number of people.