3,100 Fukushima residents file for damages from Tepco


Around 3,100 residents in the city of Fukushima are demanding ¥18.3 billion in damages related to the crisis at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, lawyers said.

A total of 3,107 residents of the Watari district want an out-of-court settlement for their psychological distress, including health concerns due to radiation exposure.

The demand was filed Tuesday with a public body that was created to settle compensation disputes related to the nuclear disaster through out-of-court procedures called alternative dispute resolution, or ADR.

Watari is a residential area 61 km from Fukushima No. 1. The radiation amount exposure there was relatively high, with more than 3 microsieverts per hour detected at several points in a government survey conducted in July 2011.

The residents are seeking ¥100,000 per month starting with March 2011 and ending when an out-of-court settlement is reached. An additional ¥100,000 is being sought for each of the six months immediately after the accident, when the radiation level was at its highest.