Tepco’s frugality rapped after 48,000 PCs found running Windows XP


Embattled Tokyo Electric Power Co. has been slammed by an independent auditing watchdog for skimping on its computer network, which still uses the Windows XP operating system.

Facing multi-billion dollar cleanup and compensation bills from the March 2011 nuclear crisis, Tepco figured it could save a few yen by delaying an upgrade.

But the independent watchdog — which usually on the lookout for wasteful spending — warned the nation’s biggest electric utility about its frugality, saying it must replace the outdated computer system because of security concerns.

Tepco — effectively nationalized through a government bailout after the triple meltdown at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant in March 2011 — was hoping to save ¥3.6 billion ($30 million) by continuing to run about 48,000 computers on Windows XP until 2018.

Microsoft stopped providing security updates and technical support for Windows XP last year, aggravating concerns about cybersecurity.

“The company decided, on its own initiative, to move up the deadline to update the software due to system security concerns,” a Tepco spokesman said Tuesday.

In a report last month, the Board of Audit warned the company not to be so stingy.

“Upgrading the operating system must be done as swiftly as possible, and the firm must not push it back, given the security risks,” the board said.

  • Matt Rundle

    i’m not from Microsoft, so i cannot deliver any updates for you or companies, but i can give you some Technical Advice for continuing to use the Operating system,

    first thing Security, Windows XP ended support on April 8th 2014, this means if a problem is found that hackers could take advantage of it will never be fixed. This is called Zero day threats.

    XP can be easy to hack if you leave yourself open, connecting XP to the Internet can leave yourself open, but not always the case for it to hacked, if you know exactly what you’re doing, you know all the possible risks of what could happen.

    Using an out dated browser, Java flash, or other outdated software does sound scary. However this is not as serious as one of the main threats of the Windows Operating system, which i’m getting to, it’s called Windows Remote assistance tool (RAT) or remote access and Remote desktop connections.

    The list of known vulnerabilities in Windows includes Remote access, and it is one of the easiest to use as a backdoor to get in to a computer

    it is good for diagnosing PCs remotely, however XP no longer receives updates, hackers are aware that Security fixes have stopped, this means that a fix won’t be issued specifically to remote access tool. But just because that won’t get an update, that doesn’t mean it’ll get exploited, because it won’t, unless you have it turned on all the time and a hacker or a group of them find out about it.

    This is how it looks remote access is un patched never, will never be patched again, which means if you have access turned on and a hacker spots it, they will use this as an advantage.

    If you or your business feel a bit uncomfortable there is Security Software Antivirus and Antimalware, plugin software updaters new browsers and Technical Support, like myself that can help you bring the best of your Windows XP machine.

    • Matt Rundle

      It is recommended to use limited account, if you’re going to have remote access restrict it to a time, but keep it off when not in use.

      If you’re going to grant access to someone to help you fix your PC remotely, make sure you trust them

  • Matt Rundle

    Anything can be hacked, even an operating system that is patched, it is harder, but an up to date machine, can still be used as a host when infected with a Virus.
    the Hackers will preferably target banks and people with money, only a lot of it, such as their cards etc, but the more targets they hit the more more they claim, they also love Windows 7 more than XP because it has more victims that could fall target because all if not the majority of those machines running 7 are connected to the Internet.