‘Timing good’ to take Senkaku issue to ICJ, U.S. law professor says


Japan should take its disagreements with China over the Senkaku Islands to the International Court of Justice, Jerome Cohen, a New York University law professor and expert in Chinese law, said in an interview.

“I want Japan to use international law,” Cohen said, stressing that Japan should follow in the steps of the Philippines, which in 2013 sought international arbitration over China’s claims to almost all of the South China Sea.

Cohen, who was long involved in U.S.-China diplomacy, argued the Philippines’ move surprised China and claimed that it helped make Beijing less aggressive on its territorial claims.

“They are very afraid of arbitration. It’s a big headache for China,” Cohen said Thursday.

He added that now would be a good time for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to move to resolve the Senkaku sovereignty issue following his re-election after the Liberal Democratic Party’s landslide victory in the Dec. 14 snap election.

In Japan’s bureaucracy, some officials say they should take the Senkaku issue to the ICJ, Cohen noted, adding, “I said to them that I’m waiting for Mr. Abe to say that.”

Tokyo’s official position is that the Senkaku Islands, just off Taiwan, are an inherent part of Japanese territory and that no territorial dispute exists over them. China and Taiwan claim the isles as Diaoyu and Tiaoyutai, respectively.

  • TruthInfoWar

    Japan does not know what International Law means… for example take a look at there WW.II past misdeeds. You telling them to follow International Law or bring the issue too International court?????

    • Emily Han

      Yes, several of Japanese WWII past misdeeds and more but 70 years of learning is sufficiently illustrated in their peaceful and lawful national pursuits. Meanwhile, what is South Korea’s moral stand when relentlessly, digging up Japanese dirt but conveniently, forgetting its own crime against Vietnamese people as highly paid US mercenaries in the 1970’s? Consider an sincere apology, at least?

      • Hongkiejj

        you said it…70 years long and still japan gov have problems with this YS and apology thing. maybe you should look into this n explain why japan is always half apologetic and continue to white wash their carnage during ww2.
        do take note dat not only china and korea as perceived by ppl like you are complaining or distrustful of japan gov but other countries as well..

      • TruthInfoWar

        South Korea moral to Japan is face up to WW. II misdeed instead sweeping it under the carpet. At least Koreans misdeeds during Vietnam War are taught in Korean schools. At least Koreans try to educate Korea past misdeeds instead hiding them. That is very big differences between Korea and Japan moral. Koreans do not hide. Like Fascist Japan, Communist China Party China, Brown Noser Taiwan.

  • TruthInfoWar

    Japan hiding your past WW.II misdeeds will not help your nation ” Japan” in the future. Grow up and face up Japan WW.II misdeeds. Sweeping it, try to forget your past will not help. Sweeping it under the carpet education policy will not help Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!