Japanese scholar allegedly gang-raped in India; five arrested


Indian police said Saturday five people have been arrested for allegedly gang-raping a Japanese researcher near a famed Buddhist pilgrimage center.

The 22-year-old woman was allegedly kept captive for nearly three weeks in a village near the holy town of Bodh Gaya, about 130 km south of Patna, capital of Bihar state, officer Akhilesh Singh said.

The woman managed to escape on Dec. 26 and reached Kolkata, where she was based and filed a complaint with police.

Before reaching Kolkata, she got to Varanasi, where she met Japanese tourists who helped her contact the Japanese Consulate in Kolkata, an officer involved in the investigation said.

According to Singh, a Kolkata-based tourist guide took the scholar, who has been studying rural life in India for some time, to Bodh Gaya to show her the pilgrimage center where Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, is said to have obtained enlightenment under a tree. He was later joined by four others who imprisoned and raped her, Singh said.

Two of the arrests were made in the area Friday and one earlier in the week in Kolkata, police said.

India has a long history of tolerating sexual violence, but several high-profile rapes of both foreigners and natives recently triggered public outrage that led to reforms.

Prison terms for rape have since been doubled to 20 years and voyeurism, stalking and trafficking of women are now official crimes.

The law also makes it a crime for officers to refuse to open cases when complaints are made

  • Raghav

    I am so ashamed of this as an Indian. Having lived in Japan for more than five years, I am not sure how to keep my head high now in front of my Japanese friends..

    • tisho

      why ? you didn’t do anything. If you wanna take responsibility for the actions of others, then how do you even sleep at night ?

      • Guest

        yeah! Its just I am feeling quite bad!

      • rossdorn

        Its good you feel ashamed, even though you did not do anything wrong. You saw Indian society for 5 years and might understand that the problem is a general one, in that country where I spent 15 years of my life.
        Because it is not the attitude of the few…

        Only very slowly do Indian women find the courage to complain to the police, where especially in poor and rural areas up to now the usual response was being raped again right then and there.

        These things will not change until they are known and understood more widely, in India itself and worldwide!
        The media need to stop making excuses by giving space to only positive news and allowing misleading commentaries.
        But this will take generations, if it can happen at all. At least all need to be informed, that it is NOT a good idea for women to travel alone in India….

    • Margarita Bilbao

      Indian men are so ugly they have to rape

      • alain

        Stupid statement

      • rossdorn

        Your commentary is on precisely the same level as those crimes. Rooted in prejudice and an good measure of an inferiuority complex.

        Seeing your other comments makes one question that you actually could be a student… surely not at a university!

      • Sarfaraz Abbasi

        Why? What is wrong with hear comment? This is not the first rape-case from India. Previously, Danish cyclist woman was gang-raped and another American tourist was gang-raped. Not to forget the local student who was gang-raped on a bus, while heading back to home. These Indians pierced iron-rod inside her va*ina and tore her intestines, and later threw her from moving bus. She died few week later.

        Shame on you for lecturing people, in defense of rapists.

      • Aditya

        who lectured in defense of these muslim rapist it is you who is judging 1.2 billion people because of few pathetic ones

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    • otisdelevator

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    • Margarita Bilbao

      another stupid indian masquerading with an american name… I hope all Indian men die.

      • alain

        Another stupid statement

      • Sarfaraz Abbasi

        Another defendant of these rapists.

      • Aditya

        again who defended these muslim rapist

  • Sarfaraz Abbasi

    This is the true face of India, that the west dies in love with, after hearing those so-called fake-words “secularism – democracy’.

    • Aditya

      true these muslim rapist should be killed and all remaning muslim should also leave India they are only spreading terrorism,rape,murder and also 2013 bomb attack on bodh gaya was also done by muslims

      • ConstablePlod

        Seems to me that you, Aditya, likely Indian, are having a tiff with Sarfaraz Abbasi, solely because he’s muslim and you’re presumably hindu.
        Yes, Sarfaraz does indeed paint with a broad brush of prejudice, but you’re just as bad.
        Take this elsewhere boys, or get a room.

      • Aditya

        yeah true i should not have fallen to the same level as him

    • Amir Sandhu Apml

      Such a disgusting cesspool. Need to drop some ebola or smallpox over there to clean it up a bit.

      • Aditya

        just what do you expect from a Paki instead of condemning the rapist all of you are bashing on 1.2 billion Indians who has nothing to do with this rape using ugly, racist and hateful words first see your country then comment.

  • sujan khadka

    i don’t think it’s the first time that the japanese girls are gangraped in india. even in japan these indian and pakistani people molest japanese girls . i have seen that a lot of time in roppongi especially in new years eve. i don’t know what’s wrong with these people.

    • otisdelevator

      So your average JR train chik@n is not Japanese?

  • Aditya

    on behalf of all Indians i want to say sorry to this girl and all the Japanese people. may she recover fast and those rapist brothers sajid and jawed khan rot in hell they really brought shame to us Indians.

    • Mojdak

      Oh the police don’t even have the names yet you do? Were you in on the crime as well? And I see you haven’t left your silly Islam-hating opinions either.

      • Aditya

        idiots like you exist everywhere go read Dawn,times of India,Japan today and yahoo news you will know also they are not the only ones they have a whole racket and all of them are Muslims

      • Mojdak

        Just did and nowhere do they mention names. Seems like your paranoia and inferiority complex is getting out of hand. Rape is a pasttime of hindu gurus so its no surprise india would be ripe with it

      • Aditya

        this proves that you are blind too and for you info i am sikh not Hindu you dumpster and also my illiterate friend read Gawker news and dna India too and all those people also who are having doubts in my answer

      • Mojdak

        Like I was supposed to figure that out over the internet with only your hate and ignorance as clues. Doesn’t matter. All of you are similar breeds of violence and stupidity.

  • GIJ

    Absolutely horrifying to hear about what happened to this woman. Anybody planning to visit Bihar should realize that it is one of the most miserable, impoverished, dangerous, utterly lawless states in India and therefore not a safe place for really anybody–male, female, Indian, foreigner–to travel around alone. A truly sad state of affairs for the place where the Buddhist religion was first established and propagated more than 2,500 years ago.

  • Samurai X

    Its official. Indian men do not know how to masturbate.

    • ConstablePlod

      That’s a surprising fact given that a few who populate these columns are known to be real wankers.

  • Amir Sandhu Apml

    WTF is wrong with these guys? Trade them to ISIS for hostages?

  • Eagle

    She was not only gang raped but kept captive for long time, she was bled to the point where only hospital doctors could save her life, and tortured and abused physically beyond rape by sadistic aberrant criminals.

    It’s a miracle she managed to keep her spirit, could survive and was capable to escape. It’s a life time trauma that will hunt her through her all life, something that she will never forget.
    I am not wasting time to deliver my bad wishes to the criminals, instead I wish her a healing beautiful future. It is said that if a wish comes from the heart it will come true.

  • Mojdak

    Rape like this should be punished by execution. It is the only way such people will understand. India is suffering from this problem and needs to promptly take harsh action or it will forever remain a place where foreigners will fear to come.

  • Shut up

    I’d never go to India. Like, ever