Sony unveils SmartEyeglass device, looking to take on Google Glass


Sony Corp. has taken the wraps off a new “smart eyewear” device that connects with compatible smartphones to project text and images onto the user’s field of view.

The SmartEyeglass, unveiled Friday, allows users to view navigation information while walking, check a recipe while cooking without having to look away from their pots and pans, and view data related to a certain player while watching a live sports game, for instance, the electronics giant said.

Sony also released a kit that developers can use to create apps for the product. It is not known whether the SmartEyeglass will be released to consumers.

The SmartEyeglass could come to rival Google Inc.’s Google Glass and Seiko Epson Corp.’s Moverio, one developer predicted, as Sony’s invention places importance on natural design, easy viewing and comfort.

Sony will demonstrate the device at the Osaka Marathon on Oct. 26, when runners will use it to access information on running times and distances, as well as historic sites and toilets they pass along the route. It will also display messages of support posted on Twitter.