Fukushima groundwater bypass operation ineffective: Tepco


A groundwater bypassing operation at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant has yet to produce significant results in preventing groundwater from flowing into the basements of reactor buildings, Tokyo Electric Power Co. said.

By last Thursday, about three months after the effort was launched, a total of around 25,000 tons of water had been pumped from underground and released into the sea.

Tepco, however, said Monday it is expected to take several more months before the intended effects will be seen.

“The amount of groundwater flowing into the basements has not decreased markedly,” senior official Isao Shirai said at a news conference.

Tepco claimed about a month ago that the effects would be visible in just one or two months.

In the operation, groundwater is pumped up from wells near the reactors before it flows into the basements and mixes with highly radioactive water that has accumulated there.

The volume of radioactive water at the plant increases by an estimated more than 400 tons per day.

  • theblame/e

    The truth was that the containment vessels were not the only things that disappeared when this whole Fukushima TEPCO thing blew up. Ever since the disaster we (not just the Japanese people but the peoples of the whole world), have been irradiated with lies. We are dying from the irradiated lies (just not yet), we glow in the darkness of evil that is TEPCO’s and the Japanese government’s handling of this whole affair. Radiation, when not confined, gets into everything, except the truth. Radiation love lies, thrives upon them. Soaks them right up. Good for the Japanese people if they have a fine tradition of committing suicide and flying their nuclear reactors into a whole world like they did perfectly good airplanes into perfectly good aircraft carriers during World War II. Good for them. Let the Japanese kill themselves. But I want to live.