Korean resident of Japan sues Zaitokukai over hate speech, defamation


A South Korean resident of Japan on Monday filed a suit with the Osaka District Court seeking about ¥5.5 million in damages from an anti-Korean group and its chairman for emotional trauma inflicted by hate speech.

Freelance writer Lee Shin-hye, 43, said Zaitokukai Chairman Makoto Sakurai described her as “a Korean crone” on the Internet and also during right-wing campaigns between January last year and this July.

She claimed that his actions constituted race discrimination that insulted and defamed her.

Lee has also filed a lawsuit at the same court seeking ¥22 million in damages from the operator of Hoshusokuho, (Conservative Bulletin), an online bulletin board that posts discriminatory remarks.

At a news conference, Lee said she hopes the suits will put a brake on the harassment and discriminatory remarks she receives on Twitter and elsewhere almost every day.

In July, the Osaka High Court ordered Zaitokukai to pay damages of about ¥12.26 million for hate speeches made during right-wing activities around a Korean school. The group is appealing the decision.

  • left nut

    This one is worth watching… I am keen to see how the Japanese courts will handle this lawsuit.

    There is a high degree of international attention on Japan, regarding the promotion of hate.

  • Koreans hate Japan. Japan should sue all Koreans for hating Japan so much.

    • left nut

      You generalize too much for you own good. Some yes, but it can said vice versa.

      Maybe I should sue you for being obtuse.

      • Sorry but I do not deal
        with obstreperous critters. Just tell them off.

      • lasolitaria

        “Obstreperous”. That is a very useful word. How come it’s not used more often?

      • Good question!

      • left nut

        Such a witty response… also love how you up vote your comment…

        Looking at your comment history, you are very good at what claim “telling them off”.

        Obtuse appears to have been a nice fit for you.

        I bid you a good day.

    • Kochigachi

      Are you ESLer in Japan? Japanese in Korea don’t get this kind of hate FYI.

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    Even in Japan the right-wing hicks are embarrassing.

    • left nut

      Right-wing hicks from any country are embarrassing to the human species…

  • wada

    There is no smoke without fire. It will be the far future which is come to an end in a trial. I will observe progress without haste.