Volcanic Nishinoshima still smoking, growing


Far-flung Nishinoshima Island is still smoldering and sending lava flowing from its craters into the Pacific Ocean, new aerial images showed Friday.

The volcanic island some 1,000 km (620 miles) south of Tokyo has merged with a volcanic islet that formed in November and outgrew it. The new island measures 1.26 sq. km (0.49 sq. miles) around, the Japan Coast Guard said.

Images show that Nishinoshima has sprouted a few craters that are spewing columns of smoke between 1,500 meters and 2,000 meters (4,900 and 6,600 feet) high, while the molten lava flowing out of them enters the sea, sending clouds of steam into the sky.

Nishinoshima is estimated to be 10 million years old.