Utility may restart Oi reactors before high court ruling


Kansai Electric Power Co. may restart reactors at the Oi nuclear power plant in spite of a district court ruling if the step is approved by the regulator, the government and citizens, the company’s president said Tuesday.

Kansai Electric may restart the No. 3 and No. 4 reactors at the plant provided they pass safety checks by the Nuclear Regulation Authority, the central government issues a decision to go ahead and local communities support the move, Makoto Yagi said at a news conference.

In a ruling issued last Wednesday, the Fukui District Court ordered the company not to restart the reactors in the town of Oi, Fukui Prefecture, due to safety concerns.

The company took its appeal to the Kanazawa branch of the Nagoya High Court on Thursday, saying it would continue to insist on the safety of the two reactors.

Asked about whether the utility would reactivate the reactors before the high court’s ruling, Yagi said it will do so if the three conditions are met.

Noting that the district court’s decision is expected to affect local opinion, Yagi said that the company will continue to make its case that there is a need for the nuclear plant, and that it is safe.