Over 80% worried about food supply


More than 80 percent of the public is concerned about Japan’s food security, according to a Cabinet Office survey.

The survey, held last month, said 83 percent of the respondents are worried to some extent — the highest since the question was first asked in 1990 and up 6.3 points from the previous survey in 2006.

On the other hand, 15.7 percent showed little or no concern.

Of those concerned, 82.4 percent cited the drop in food capacity caused by Japan’s shrinking farmland and aging farmers.

Some 61.5 percent cited the risk of poor harvests in and outside of Japan posed by extreme weather, disasters or global warming, while 52.5 percent were worried by the risk of food imports falling due to changes in the international situation.

The survey also found that most of the public would prefer Japan be self-sufficient in at least staple foods, such as rice.

A record 53.8 percent said staples should be produced locally, even if they are more expensive. Some 37.8 percent echoed that sentiment but wanted enhanced efforts to cut production costs.

The survey interviewed 3,000 adults from Jan. 9 to 19 and drew valid responses from 59.4 percent.

  • Yousaf Haque

    “A reord 53.8 % insist that staples should be produced locally.Even if they cost more”.Japan I suppose has to re-consider her pre-Meiji retoration mindset to ease the undue burden on her economy,producing costly farm prducts when she can easily import the same prducts for a lesser price and put her land to more productive uses.What about the concept of UNIVERSAL-COOPERATIVE-FARMING?

  • Jane Birkenstock

    It appears that no one is concerned about radiation.