Chocolate Hachiko tours Shibuya


A chocolate statue of Hachiko, the dog praised for its loyalty to its master, has appeared in Tokyo’s bustling Shibuya district.

The life-sized statue, made to promote Valentines’ Day, will be shown at shopping centers around the area until Feb. 14.

The chocolate Hachiko was designed as part of the Valentines’ Day celebration organized by the Tokyu group, a city development conglomerate established around private railway Tokyu Corp. in collaboration with confectionery maker Meiji Co.

Patissiers from Tokyu Hotels used 60 kg of chocolate to build the statue, coating it with cacao butter and polishing it with ice water to make it look like it’s made of bronze.

The chocolate Hachiko will be exhibited in the hall of the Shibuya Hikarie shopping center until Saturday, before being displayed at Tokyu Hands between Sunday and Tuesday and at Tokyu Plaza from Wednesday until Valentines’ Day.