Amnesty raps PNG over sorcery murder


Amnesty International hit out Thursday at Papua New Guinea for failing to bring to justice the killers of a woman who was burned to death a year ago for sorcery.

Kepari Leniata, 20, was stripped naked, tied up, doused in gasoline and burned alive in front of a crowd by relatives of a boy who died following an illness in the city of Mount Hagen last February. The attackers claimed Leniata caused his death through sorcery in a case that sparked global outrage, with the United Nations slamming “the growing pattern of vigilante attacks and killings of persons accused of sorcery in Papua New Guinea.

Reports last year said two people had been charged with the murder, but Amnesty said nobody had yet been convicted. It said it had received reports of girls as young as 8 being attacked and accused of sorcery.