Man nabbed for forging cards with stolen ATM data


Police on Wednesday arrested a former employee of Fujitsu Frontech Ltd. on charges of illegally obtaining data on users of Bank of Yokohama automated teller machines and forging cash cards based on the information.

Toshikazu Akahoshi, 46, is a former division chief in the information technology solutions firm, which provides ATM development, management and maintenance services to Bank of Yokohama, the nation’s largest regional bank.

He is charged with obtaining cash card data for a man in Ginowan, Okinawa Prefecture, and a woman in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, via fraudulent means when he was working Oct. 26 in an office for the bank’s ATM system, according to police sources.

He allegedly forged cash cards based on the information, the sources said.

Akahoshi, who was responsible for ATM troubleshooting, has admitted the charges, according to the sources.

The police suspect he withdrew ¥24 million from the accounts of 48 people.