China envoy: Tojo ‘Hitler of Asia’

JIJI, Staff Report

Chinese Ambassador to Israel Gao Yanping, in an article contributed to the Jerusalem Post, has criticized Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s recent visit to Yasukuni Shrine, saying the Tokyo shrine honors the “Hitler of Asia.”

During World War II, Nazi Germany committed the Holocaust and killed over 6 million Jews in Europe, Gao said. But she added, “Germans faced up to history squarely, and made sincere apologies to the Jewish people and Israel.”

On the other hand, Japanese prime ministers and other members of the Cabinet visit Yasukuni Shrine, which honors Class-A war criminals, including “Hideki Tojo, the ‘Hitler of Asia,’ the Japanese prime minister who started the Pacific War during World War II,” Gao said in the article, published in Tuesday’s edition of the English daily.

Abe visited the Shinto shrine late last month, angering China and South Korea, which regard it as a symbol of Japan’s past militarism.

“Japan has denied its history of military aggression on one hand, and on the other hand has sought the right to use force abroad,” Gao said, noting that the Japanese government is substantially increasing its defense spending.

  • Its hard to see how the Chinese leadership can be so belligerent in its accusations with respect to Yasukuni Shrine, when the shrine need not simply honor Tojo, nor his cause. Neither does it really matter what a few government ministers believe. China is not making a good case against such Japanese nationalism, with its own mindless, nationalistic posturing. A case of ‘pot kettle’.

    • Julian Garrett

      Which is made all the more dangerous by the level of hyperbole and straight out hypocrisy that the Chinese are going to when making statements.

      A good case in point is the Chinese accusing Japan of destabilising the region through increased military spending, when the Chinese have been increasing theirs by double digit percentages for nearly 2 decades.

      It makes you wonder if they realise that the rest of the world reads newspapers and watches TV, and can no longer be sold any old line that the establishment wants to make up.

  • bq70

    China is always trying to distract from their own problems.

    Americans destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have prosecuted as crimes against humanity had the Japanese won. War is not cool. Hitler was evil.

    Let’s move on and work on developing peace and prosperity together by learning from the past and not holding things dead people did against the living.

  • iwishitweretrue

    Ther Yasukuni shrine will always be a bone of contention until it is decomissioned as a state shrine and left for grieving relatives. This short sentence from an article on the Shine explains the significance of the Yasukuni Shrine extremely well: “From the Sino-Japanese War to the Asia-Pacific War the noblest virtue was to die in battle for the emperor, be enshrined as a god at Yasukuni Shrine, and be the recipient of the emperor’s visits. Yasukuni Shrine was a religious and military facility indispensable for the prosecution of aggressive war.”