Dutch want prisoners to pay for cells


Prisoners in the Netherlands may soon have to pay for their cell accommodation, if a bill tabled Monday becomes law.

Deputy Justice Minister Fred Teeven “believes that a convicted prisoner serving prison time will have to pay partly for their incarceration,” said ministry spokesman Wiebe Alkema.

“The minister think it’s only fair that not all the costs should be shouldered by the state and society when you lock somebody up,” he said. Prison time costs the Dutch government around $341 per day, per prisoner, Alkema added.

If passed by the two houses of parliament, convicted prisoners will pay a suggested flat rate of $22 per day for a maximum of two years.

  • Deedee

    I hope it passes! Some of us pay more than 50% in taxes to pay for other people’s rent and other expenses, including those of the very people who steal our cars!