Ford denies bid to buy video of him on crack


Toronto’s disgraced mayor, Rob Ford, denied Thursday that he tried to buy a video showing him inhaling crack cocaine, calling the claim an “outright lie.”

The allegation and other potentially damning disclosures were contained in transcripts of police wiretaps of presumed drug dealers, as part of a probe into Ford’s longtime friend and occasional driver, Alexander Lisi.

The documents were released Wednesday, but the allegations have not been examined in court.

In one of the communications, which date back to March — before the existence of video footage of the mayor inhaling from a crack pipe was widely reported — a drug dealer tells another he was offered 5,000 Canadian dollars ($4,694) and a car in exchange for the clip.

Though the two men do not say Ford’s name, police said in the court documents they believe the pair were discussing an offer from him.

In another conversation, a man claims he has photos of Ford “doing the hezza” (heroin).

Ford faces no charges over the matter, although a police investigation is ongoing.