Denso boasts greenhouse controls


Denso Corp. said it has developed a system that helps increase the yield of agricultural products by automatically controlling the temperature and humidity of a greenhouse.

The major auto parts maker affiliated with Toyota Motor Corp. developed the system using its vehicle control technologies and production management methods. The system was jointly developed with Toyohashi Seed Co. in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture, and will go on sale in fiscal 2014 starting next April.

It also monitors carbon dioxide concentration in greenhouses and external conditions, such as wind direction and speed, as well as the amount of sunlight and rainfall needed to maintain an optimal growth environment.

It opens and closes greenhouse roof windows and curtains, controls a mist generator and supplies nutrients.

Tests involving a greenhouse containing tomato plants showed that the system is capable of increasing crop yields.

“The system is suited for typically small greenhouses in hot and humid Japan, whereas imported systems are designed for large greenhouses,” a Denso official said.