Global drug gangs dupe Aussie kids


Australian authorities on Monday warned that high school students are being recruited by international drug syndicates to help them bring illicit substances into the country.

The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service said students are allegedly asked to reveal their home addresses so they can collect parcels containing drug precursors, reportedly from China, in exchange for a few hundred dollars.

“In this type of situation, a student is approached by criminals and tricked by an offer of earning so-called easy money to pick up or receive a package concealing an illegal substance,” regional director Tim Fitzgerald said. “These initial receivers collect, or take delivery, of the goods and pass these substances on to the criminals.”

In a case uncovered by authorities this year, two Sydney-based teens were allegedly paid several hundred dollars to accept parcels — one of which held 4 kg of ephedrine, enough to make 250,000 Australian dollars’ worth ($229,000) of the drug crystal meth.