Suspect in French shooting indicted


A suspect arrested over the recent shootings in Paris has been indicted and remanded in custody, officials said Saturday.

Abdelhakim Dekhar, 48, was arrested Wednesday after a major manhunt following a shooting at the left-wing newspaper Liberation that left a photographer’s assistant seriously hurt, and a separate incident where shots were fired at the headquarters of the Societe Generale bank.

“His guilt . . . must be proven,” his lawyer, Remi Lorrain, said.

“The police investigation is now over and so are, I hope, the violations of his right to be presumed innocent and statements by people who have nothing to do with the case commenting on my client’s suspected motives.”

Dekhar was jailed in the 1990s for his role in a “Bonnie-and-Clyde” style multiple murder and left rambling letters denouncing conspiracies and media manipulation.

The undated letters found by investigators after his attacks are incoherent and attempt to explain his actions.

They denounce capitalism and speak of “a plot aimed at the return of fascism in the media, in banks, in the policy on suburbs,” Paris prosecutor Frederic Molins said.