Abe tries to dispel rumors about Fukushima seafood


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited the port of Soma in Fukushima Prefecture on Saturday and pledged efforts to dispel rumors about the safety of local fishery produce.

Abe took a firsthand look at Matsukawaura port, where fishermen resumed trial catches in late September after a monthlong suspension following the discovery that radioactive water has been spewing from the stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant.

He received an explanation about radiation checks on fishery products and a progress update on recovery work at the port, which was badly damaged by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

“We will work to wipe out harmful rumors by giving out accurate information,” Abe said before local residents. After tasting octopus caught off Fukushima, he said, “I want everyone in the country to know they (fishery products from Fukushima) are good and safe.”

The prime minister later visited a temporary housing complex and a site chosen for collective relocation in the town of Shinchi in Fukushima and held talks with residents, who are expected to move to the site by the end of the year.

“This will be a model project. We will continue to make the utmost effort to facilitate the reconstruction of Fukushima,” Abe said.

It was Abe’s fifth visit to the prefecture since taking office last December.

  • Richard Wilcox

    Well, this is just hilarious. And War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength and Slavery is Freedom.
    Excuse me, but is it true or is it not true, that from the findings of Japanese government related agencies and scientists themselves, something like 60 to 160 billion becquerels of radiation is spewing from the FNPP#1 every day, directly into the ocean. Oh yes, a damaged nuclear reactor dumping its inventory into the very place where people get their food is a “model project” according to Mr. Nuclear, the prime minister.

    While it is true that, according to Chris Busby, even if the entire inventory of Fukushima went into the ocean (which it could well do over time) it would still only equal one tenth to one fifth of the entire radiation that was released from A-bomb above ground tests during the 1950s. But Fukushima is still a deadly serious matter. I do not agree that Fukushima will kill the entire Pacific, but on the other hand to eat seafood caught near Japan is risky business, who can trust their testing method given the endless lies the government has sewn (before) during and after the accident? Its all about money, folks, and putting a happy face on nuclear power and nuclear weapons (and those are lots of fun!).

    It is a fact that radiation is in the tap-water of Tokyo, so everyday you drink that stuff your body is storing cesium up, and prematurely aging your cells (at the very least). Half of children in the Tokyo area that were tested for cesium in their urine were found positive. This is not equivalent to eating bananas, which carry a form of natural radiation (potassium) that goes and and goes out of your body, but with cesium it is ACCUMULATIVE, a man made isotope that living organisms did not evolve with, and so it is disruptive.

    Now, before all the trolls and disinformation thugs jump into the fray– I know who you are, and I know you know who you are, working as PR hacks for the nuclear industry. Your cheap ad hominem attacks are nothing more that soul selling garbage to cover your tracks in your ignoble quest to put a happy face on nuclear energy and weaponry. The Troll Strategy is very old, tired, worn out, and painfully obvious: cast doubt and blame on the truth tellers while throwing out lots of false factoids and disinformation into the fray.

    – Richard Wilcox, Tokyo

    • dolphin888

      Irrational statement baseless in scientific fact does not make any sense.
      Also, although it make it seem like right outside the plants they caught things like 40km(or miles) away and test them for radiations.

      What’s unsafe is smoking, flying, eating food from china and other third world country. Even food from usa is not too safe when farmers hire illegal labor and do not provide bathroom. Of course meat from filthy concentrated factory contain lots of hormones and antibiotic. Of course evil monsonto etc. sell gm food some/most which sacrifice safety for survival of roundup.

  • FX ofTruth

    Well, these “professional politicians” are all going to die!

    “We are now looking at Darwin Award recipients demonstrating their group effort to beat the competition for the Darwin, “Achievement of the Millennium” Award.

    “While sea life is dying off for thousands of miles and radiation is covering most of Japan and heading to cover ALL of the Northern Hemisphere, we see people here who are oblivious to what the effects of “dangerous activities” such as eating radiation will do to them!” “It is wonderful to see such unity and such willingness to die together!”

    I believe that these people and all of the Japanese Government deserves to be recognized for their amazing efforts to create a total news, data, and relief blackout. Because they have been so successful at keeping everyone in the dark, 100’s of billions of sea creatures have died and are dying; millions of Japanese citizens have been dosed are sick or dying; millions of Americans have been dosed with radiation in their food, water, and air….and the World can look forward to the guaranteed results of the genocidal effort, to lessen life on the planet by 90%. No small feat at all!

    We should all thank the Japanese for their tireless efforts in making believe that they have everything under control….eat up!

  • Lygeia

    How do we really know the seafood was caught in Fukushima prefecture near the disabled nuclear reactor?

    I think the Japanese government has the resources to fly in seafood from a safe location (although, the entire oceans of the world may soon become contaminated, making this somewhat of a useless gesture).

  • I do not believe the seafood was from Fukushima. It looks like a PR stunt, like Obama pretending to swim in the Gulf after the Macondo well blew up .