Britain to recruit cyberwarriors


Britain is to set up a dedicated military unit to counter cyberattacks, Defense Secretary Philip Hammond announced Sunday as he issued a call for tech-savvy new recruits.

The Ministry of Defense is looking to recruit hundreds of computer experts to help defend Britain’s national security.

The “cyberreservists” will work alongside regular forces in the new Joint Cyber Reserve Unit in a bid to protect key computer networks and safeguard data. The new capability will be able to “counterattack in cyberspace and, if necessary, to strike in cyberspace as part of our full-spectrum military capability,” Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative Party said. The center-right party kicked off its annual conference Sunday.

In January, parliament’s Defense Scrutiny Committee warned in a report that the military’s dependence on information technology means it could be “fatally compromised” by a cyberattack.