Host club boss goes down the drain; seven arrested


Seven people who allegedly dissolved the body of a gigolo-club owner using chemicals found in drain cleaner have been arrested, officials and media reports said Friday.

The arrests come almost three years after Masamichi Tsuchida, then 43, mysteriously disappeared from his Tokyo “host club,” where female guests pay large sums to be entertained by well-dressed men.

Among those arrested were the club’s 31-year-old co-owner, a 26-year old former employee, their ex-wives and two relatives, according to police and a report in the Nikkan Sports tabloid.

The gruesome disposal method — favored by chemistry teacher-turned-meth-producer Walter White in the U.S. TV series “Breaking Bad” — was discovered after police found a dental implant linked to the missing man in a sewage tank, they said.

Another tabloid, the Sports Hochi, said some of the suspects had purchased large amounts of sodium hydroxide — used in drain cleaner and industrial detergent — immediately after the victim vanished in November 2010.

Police believe the body was dissolved in the bathroom of a suspect’s house, the Nikkan report said.

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    Host club boss goes down the drain
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