Cameron makes appeal to Scots


One year ahead of a referendum on independence, Prime Minister David Cameron urged the people of Scotland on Sunday to vote to keep “a unique union of nations.”

Scotland will hold a referendum on Sept. 18 next year asking: “Should Scotland be an independent country?” Voting yes will break up the political union with England, which dates back to 1707. Only about a third of Scots are currently planning to vote in favor of independence, according to opinion polls.

Nationalist leader Alex Salmond argues that a yes vote in the referendum will make Scotland better off financially and and give it more power to make decisions which represent Scottish people.

Cameron’s Liberal Democrat coalition partners will hold their annual party conference in the Scottish city of Glasgow this week. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg told the conference Saturday that Scottish lawmakers in his Lib Dem party are making the case for “a United Kingdom that is strong, secure and together.”