Body of Japanese tourist killed in Turkey arrives home


The body of the college student killed last week in Cappadocia, central Turkey, arrived Saturday at Narita International Airport together with her parents.

The Turkish Airlines flight that carried the body of Mai Kurihara, 22, from Istanbul arrived at around 10:20 a.m.

The body was greeted by Turkish Ambassador to Japan Serdar Kilic, his wife and others, who bowed to Kurihara’s coffin.

Kilic told reporters that it is very regrettable that a member of the Japanese public, who are friends of Turkey, was the victim of such an incident.

“I told her parents, ‘We are always with you.’ ” he said.

Kurihara was killed in a knife attack last Monday. She was with a fellow Japanese tourist and classmate, who was seriously injured in the attack.


    This is indeed too sad. As a former university lecturer, I recall fondly all the well-intentioned students I had, not unlike Mai-chan, who loved foreign travel and planned and saved, for travel to distant countries, such as Turkey. They’re care-free and happy and innocent, then something like this happens and we’re at a loss to understand and have no reply to the “Why did this happen?” question. My thoughts are with the parents at this moment, trying to fathom their grief, their loss.