Turk charged with murder, rape of Japanese tourist


A Turkish court has charged a man with murder and rape over an attack on two Japanese women that killed one and badly wounded the other, the local Hurriyet daily reported Thursday.

The court in the central city of Nevsehir charged Mustafa Volkan Dilaver, 27, with stabbing tourist Mai Kurihara to death and sexually assaulting her dead body on Monday.

He was also charged with sexual assault and attempted murder in the case of her traveling companion, Hoshie Teramatsu, according to a statement from the prosecutor cited by Hurriyet.

The two women, both 22, were attacked Monday while hiking in the Zemi valley in the popular tourist region of Cappadocia, famous for its natural “fairy chimney” rock formations.

Hurriyet also reported that Japanese journalists were roughed up outside the court by a group of the suspect’s supporters when they tried to photograph and film him being taken to jail after Wednesday’s indictment.

Riot police were sent to push back the assailants, the daily said.

Police had arrested two suspects Tuesday after Teramatsu identified one of them in photographs shown to her by investigators at the hospital where she is being treated, the Anatolia news agency reported.

Cappadocia, a UNESCO World Heritage site visited by thousands of tourists every year, is famous for its lunar landscape of cone-shaped volcanic rock formations and rock-carved underground cities.

  • Masa Chekov

    I really wish you would show some sensitivity and not publish the name of a rape victim, especially the living one…

    • Sam

      Their names were already reported on TV in Japan.

      • Ron NJ

        That doesn’t exactly make it acceptable or anything.

    • Mark Garrett

      Bizarre, isn’t it? There are no qualms about printing victims names, but god forbid a suspect’s ID gets out.

      • Sam

        The man’s name is also printed…

      • Mark Garrett

        Because he’s not Japanese.
        Consider the case in Osaka when the basketball coach repeatedly struck the captain of the team, causing him to commit suicide. His name and picture should have put up on a billboard for all to see.

  • Heather Murray

    I’m glad that the guy was caught and is being charged. I pray that the victim who has passed will find peace and my prayers go out to her friends and family during this hard time. I also pray for peace for the surviving victim. I know it will be difficult for her, hopefully someday she will find peace.

  • U Nyunt Shwe

    I strongly demand those culprits, the rapist and murderer be hung immediately and unconditionally.

  • leaf

    The poor girls… It’s terrifying because it’s so easy to relate. A lot of other girls could’ve easily been in their shoes. It could’ve happened to me when I went abroad last month with a friend. I hope that things will clear up and the murderer gets what he deserves.