70% worried about children’s smartphone use


More than 70 percent of adults are worried about the dangers of letting children use smartphones, a government survey says.

The survey, conducted July 11 to July 21 by the Cabinet Office, polled people about Internet crime and “harmful” websites accessible by the devices.

Of the roughly 1,800 adults surveyed, 46.4 percent said they were “concerned” about children using smartphones and 25.5 percent said they were “somewhat concerned.”

Asked what steps the government should take to address these concerns, the most popular answer — cited by 62.1 percent of the respondents — was to reinforce the regulation of harmful websites.

The second-most-popular reply (multiple answers were allowed), was to promote more education on Internet use (50.5 percent), followed by the dissemination of more information on crimes resulting from Internet use to children and parents (41.3 percent).

The poll was the state’s first on children and smartphone use.