Government to set up office in Fukushima to find sites to store radioactive soil


The central government said Friday that it will set up an office next week in Fukushima Prefecture to deal with radiation-contaminated soil accumulated since the nuclear catastrophe started in 2011.

Reconstruction minister Takumi Nemoto and Environment Minister Nobuteru Ishihara will lead the office, which will be responsible for efforts to build temporary storage facilities for the contaminated soil. The office will be set up Wednesday.

The government faces local resistance to its plans to build the storage facilities in Futaba, Okuma and Naraha, municipalities near Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.

The move to set up the office is designed to help win local acceptance of the storage plan, Nemoto told a news conference in Tokyo.

  • The Keystone Garter

    The NNE of Hokkaido island is relatively thinly populated and low precipitation. It is difficult to find flat ground not being presently used in Japan. There is a plateau in between to 800m peaks that would be suitable for storage; doesn’t appear to be much groundwater. The location is approximately 4 miles ESE of the Kitami Fuji peak, or alternatively, 8 miles ENE of Mt. Chitokaniushi.
    It is 3.5 miles from a stretch of Hwy 333. The ideal location would be an Australian desert but I can’t too many nations wanting to babysit radiation forever.

  • Jeffrey

    Wow. Did they finally realize something was going on there?