All students fail exam in Liberia


Liberia’s main public university said Wednesday that all 25,000 applicants for the new academic year had failed its entrance exam.

The University of Liberia, which educates more than half of the country’s students, said it had been forced to admit 1,000 failed candidates for the new term, which begins next month.

“None of the 25,000 students who sat the test (obtained) the required points,” said Ansu Sonii, a vice president of the Monrovia-based university.

The Liberian parliament’s education committee chairman, Bill Tuaway, blamed poor teaching for the failure, the first time in Liberia’s history that no student has passed. “This is a clear indication that the quality of education in Liberia is very bad. This shows how our teachers don’t teach well,” he said.

Liberia is recovering from 14 years of civil war that ended in 2003 and left the West African nation in ruins.