Cyberdyne medical robot suit to make overseas debut in Germany


Japan’s Cyberdyne Inc. plans to launch operations using its medical robot suit, Hybrid Assistive Limb, in Germany.

The company, established by a University of Tsukuba professor, made the announcement at a news conference in Duesseldorf on Tuesday.

It will be the first time that HAL, aimed at helping people with physical disabilities walk and make other movements, will be used overseas.

The suit detects nerve signals emitted by the wearer when attempting to move, using sensors attached to the user’s skin. Based on the signals, the joints of the suit move in unison with the wearer’s muscle movements.

Cyberdyne will set up a company in Bochum, western Germany, in cooperation with a local industrial injury insurance association. The new firm will lease the suit to hospitals, mainly for the rehabilitation of patients who have suffered damage to their nerve signal transmission systems.

All medical fees paid to hospitals will be covered by insurance.

Cyberdyne plans to launch similar operations in Austria and Switzerland.