Dam community decline worrisome


The dwindling populations of communities around dams may not be enough to maintain mountains and forests in the regions, raising concerns about possible increases in landslides and water pollution, the land ministry says.

Among dam-hosting municipalities, the village of Otaki, Nagano Prefecture, experienced a drop in population of some 14 percent over the five years from 2005, while Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, recorded a decline of some 5 percent, according to the 2013 white paper on water resources released Wednesday.

With smaller populations, mountains and forests could be abandoned and soil structure damaged, leading to landslides and water contamination, the report warns.

  • An Sha

    I don’t understand this. They need a higher population to maintain the mountains and forests? It seems a lower population would be better for the local environment. If they care about the environment they should not have built a dam in the first place.