Retirement jobs sought for firefighters


The Fire and Disaster Management Agency will conduct a survey to find appropriate jobs for retired firefighters so their knowledge and experience can be put to effective use, sources said.

The survey will be conducted in August and September mainly at fire departments and other public facilities nationwide in response to a planned hike in the age requirement for tapping pension benefits.

The survey will ask about candidate posts at public facilities and issues associated with such employment.

To make use of retired firefighters’ experience in disaster management and rescue activities, the agency is looking for jobs that include similar work in local governments, security guard work at public facilities and janitorial work at public schools, the sources said.

Under the “kyosai nenkin” mutual pension program for public servants, the pension eligibility age for firefighters excluding senior commanders will be raised to 65 from 60 in stages, beginning in fiscal 2019. The agency is trying to make sure firefighters will have some sort of income once they reach the mandatory retirement age of 60.

It believes their careers will be useful to local governments interested in reinforcing their disaster preparedness in light of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, the sources said.

The agency is also considering posting some of them as teachers at fire academies.

Based on the outcome of the survey, the agency mayh compile a report by the end of fiscal 2013 on how best to utilize retired firefighters, the sources said.

  • anita railing

    I have an idea. The retired firefighters can be used for mandatory bi-annual home inspections costing 100,000 yen. This could keep the poor retired firefighters more closely in line with their poor retired police colleagues over at vehicle shaken.