Full-time jobs elude over half of part-timers in 20s: poll


More than half of all part-time employees in their 20s who aren’t students have never had a full-time job, an online survey carried out by advertising company Aidem Inc. says.

People who have never been hired as full-time employees, or “seishain,” accounted for 52.4 percent of all respondents in their 20s, the survey said. They also accounted for 35.3 percent of those in their 30s and 8.1 percent of those in their 40s.

“Many people apparently became part-timers without having any opportunity to land permanent jobs after finishing school,” said the Aidem official who led the survey, which was carried out in April.

Aidem’s survey covered adults who were hunting for full-time jobs in the past year. It drew responses from 1,438 men and women in eight prefectures.

The ratio of those eager to find full-time jobs stood at 49.2 percent for people in their 20s — the highest of all age groups, the survey said.

Separately, Aidem asked 916 companies how they responded to the revision of the national labor contract law in April. The revision allowed people who had worked under fixed-term contracts for at least five years to switch to so-called unlimited-term contracts.

Contrary to concerns that many contract employees would end up losing their jobs within five years as companies hunkered down in response, more than half of the responding firms turned out to be positive about retaining such workers.