Grandma wins first ’empty nest’ case


The daughter of a Chinese grandmother has been ordered to visit her at least once every two months, in the first case under a new law to protect the elderly, reports said Tuesday.

“Leaning on a cane,” the woman, 77, “hobbled to the plaintiff’s seats” at a court in Wuxi, which heard the case against the daughter and her husband Monday, the Wuxi Daily reported.

The law, which came into effect Monday, was enacted amid rising concerns that China’s rapid development has challenged its traditional extended family unit and created a spiraling number of “empty nest” homes. Reports of elderly people being neglected or mistreated by their children have shocked the country.

The People’s Court in Beitang district decided the couple should visit the mother at least once every two months, and on at least two of China’s national holidays, it added. It also said that the couple could be ordered to pay compensation if they did not visit.