FSA seeks favors while giving market making advice to Southeast Asia


The Financial Services Agency is stepping up support to Southeast Asian nations that are trying to develop financial and capital markets to free up the flow of funds.

But the FSA is also calling on them to ease regulations to make it easier for Japanese companies there to raise funds and acquire capital.

During his visit to Indonesia and Thailand ending Wednesday, FSA chief Ryutaro Hatanaka has so far agreed with Muliaman Hadad, chairman of Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority, to cooperate on developing a legal system for its financial sector.

In Thailand, a deal has been reached to set up a working group to help revitalize its government and its corporate bond markets, and facilitate financing to small companies.

The FSA has been helping Vietnam to develop its securities market and held a seminar in March for officials of its State Securities Commission about the criteria that can be used for allowing stock listings and for supervising securities firms.