Italy school bomber gets life in prison


An Italian who carried out a school bombing in 2012 that killed a teenager and wounded five others was sentenced to life in prison on Tuesday, Italian media reports said.

Giovanni Vantaggiato, a 69-year-old husband and father of two, set off a bomb made from three gas canisters as pupils were entering the school in the southern city of Brindisi, killing 16-year-old Melissa Bassi and seriously wounding five or her classmates.

Prosecutor Cataldo Motta had accused Vantaggiato of “wanting to kill . . . and intimidate his country,” and said the discovery by police of three other explosive devices following the bombing proved he had “planned to carry out another attack.”

Vantaggiato, who owns a fuel depot, had told investigators he was having financial difficulties after being swindled out of €400,000 ($535,000), and several of his clients — including the school — had canceled their contracts with him.