Chinese students assaulted in France


Six Chinese oenology students were attacked in the early hours of Saturday in France’s wine-producing region of Bordeaux, the Interior Ministry reported, describing the violence as an act of xenophobia.

The students, who arrived in France only two months ago and are between ages 22 and 30, were “violently attacked” by three visibly drunk local men who were known to the police, a ministry statement said. Two of the suspects are in police custody.

A female student was seriously hurt by a glass bottle thrown at her face. “She happens to be the daughter of a Chinese political figure,” the Sud Ouest newspaper said. “It is someone who has now retired, having been the mayor of a big city,” said Georges Jousserand, who heads the school in Bordeaux where the six Chinese were studying.

The students were attacked at their home in Hostens, a village about 50 km south of Bordeaux. Police had apparently called on the three suspects earlier that night over the drunken din they were making. Following that incident, the men went to the residence of the Chinese students, perhaps suspecting that they had complained to the police about the noise, a source close to the case said.