Cars torched in Stockholm riots


Cars were torched and police faced stone-throwing youths in Stockholm’s immigrant-dominated suburbs early Sunday, but the nightly riots that have raged for a week appeared to be easing, police said. A handful of cars were set ablaze in various suburbs.

“When it comes to car fires, there have been a few, spread out in various locations, but not as many as in recent days,” Stockholm police spokesman Lars Bystroem told Swedish Radio.

A police patrol in Vaarberg, a suburb south of the capital, was attacked by rock-throwing youths, but no one was injured and no arrests were made.

  • SwedishreaderKristinehamn93

    Now as I write this things is starting to get more camer in Stockholm but starts in other cities as Uppsala and Örebro (orebro) according to TV4 News in Sweden as of this morning report of the past nigth events in Sweden. Time is in Swedish time. Why this young persons are doing this I don’t know but I hope they stop soon all over the country.