Takeover news irks blogging platform’s fans


Tumblr lovers were quick to express outrage in trademark sassy posts Monday after news that Yahoo is buying the blogging platform in a $1.1 billion deal.

Reaction was swift as the youthful user base of Tumblr put the California company on notice that they would hold it to the promise of allowing the New York firm to remain independent.

One Tumblr user posted a looping video snippet of pop star Britney Spears repeatedly saying “I’m sad,” while another uploaded a picture of a man vomiting in front of a large Yahoo sign in a hallway.

A petition titled “Stop Yahoo from buying Tumblr” at website ipetitions.com topped 168,000 online signatures by midday.

“Here we were in a land of great promise, pain and porn,” one Tumblr user wrote. “I feel like our land is going to go from land of the free and home of the fangirls/boys to oppression and censorship.”

The post and others expressed fear that Yahoo would clamp down on content in an effort to make Tumblr more family friendly.

Along with imaginative and unfettered social or political satire, Tumblr is known for its troves of adult content. Many wondered what being taken over by Yahoo would mean to how Tumblr handled porn.

One Tumblr user called for calm, reasoning that features at the service would improve thanks to Yahoo resources that include massive data centers for server power.

“Tumblr’s still Tumblr, it just has a new owner,” the user said.” That doesn’t mean (Tumblr CEO) David Karp is a sell-out or any less of the creator. But yeah, I’d get tired of millions of 12-year-old white girls calling me daddy all the time too.”