Prague plans ‘Love Train’ subway dating


Underground commuters in Prague who are looking for love will soon be able to try their luck in designated dating cars, a transport spokesman said Friday.

“People meet there, pass by each other, and if they like one another they can start a relationship,” said Filip Drapal, spokesman for Ropid, a company involved in the project.

The special cars are part of a drive to make public transport more popular.

“We are planning a campaign to show people things they can do on public transport,” he said.

So along with reading or studying, bored commuters will soon be able to flirt or pick up a date.

The Prague “Love Train,” which will use a laissez-faire approach rather than set strict speed-dating rules, is to launch at year’s end.

Drapal said the firm is now deciding which of the five cars is most suitable, the number of trains to include and what kind of signs to display.

Drapal said that while no one will be forced to flirt in the new cars, some passengers are concerned.

“When I’m in a rush, I enter the first open door I see. I should watch out now and make sure no one starts seducing me,” said Petr Voracek, quoted by the DNES daily.

“As a notorious metro catcher, I’m afraid I might become the butt of gossip,” added Karolina Vranova. “What if someone sees me in the car and tells my boyfriend?”